Interior Fit-Out Terms

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Air Conditioner 冷氣機 An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning.
Anchor bolts 爆炸螺絲 / 拉爆螺絲 Bolts bolt is used to attach objects or structures to concrete.
Condenser 空調冷凝器 The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system. It removes the heatfrom the gas and “turns” the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace.
Paint 油漆 Paints are thin coatings applied to surfaces in a liquid form. Paint dries and becomes flexible solids. They have many uses, the protection of the surface from sunlight, dampness, dust, abrasion, and weathering. They provide easily cleanable surfaces that help keep the substrates clean and tidy. They can alter the interior by the use of color, light or darkness, matt or reflective surfaces and not to forget with texture.