September 22nd, 2010

Are you interested in diving?

Is diving danger?

Is it expensive?

Is it hard?

What are the requirement to learn diving?

Which agency is good?

I guess those are some questions you may have.

First of all, I believe you will have a wonderful experience while you are diving. You are surrounding by thousands of the underwater colorful creature.  It’s really relaxing activity. Diving isn’t dangerous if you follow all the safety rules. To learn a open water Scuba diving course, I would said around 3500 is reasonable, anything below 3000 you need to think twice. Learn diving isn’t that hard usually the course will divide in to theory, confine water training(for the safety wise, I prefer stay in swimming pool for this part. For some company or instructors who would like to cut down the course by teaching this part in the open water.) and open water training.

What’s the requirement?

I will talking about it in open water course page.

Which agency is good?

There are numerous training agency like Padi, Naui, Cmas, SDI, TDI, SSI, Bsac and etc. There isn’t really any agency is better than others. But Padi, Naui and Cmas got the bigger market share. Let’s start with Padi. It’s the best marketing training agency of all. They have all the training material in English, Chinese and other languages. Text book and dvd material is well covered. Naui, it’s a largest non-profit training agency. The courses are harder than Padi, but I think it cover more topic than Padi. It will give the divers more confident and better skill training. Cmas, HKUA is under Cmas and HKUA is the only association validate by hk government. It’s more populate in Europe. It’s by far hardest course.

I have started with padi and now I’m a Naui instructor. So I will talk about Naui.

Here is how the path go..

Click Open water course to read more.