Install WordPress

April 12th, 2010

Basic Requirement

  • Web host
  • PHP version 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater


1.) Go to download the wordpress package and unzip it.

2.) Create the database from your web server with MySQL.

3.) Upload the unzip package to your web server. (you can rename the wordpress folder or upload to your main directory( just the contain itself (include wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes folder, just without the wordpress folder), depends on where you want your wordpress located) Change the wp-config.php file permission to 757.

4.) After uploaded everything then open the browser and type in the following
http://yourdomain/Wordpress Folder/wp-admin/install.php
p.s.: yourdomain refer to your domain name, WordPress Folder is the directory where you store your package.

5.) Click Create a Configuration File button

6.) Click Let’s go button

7.) Type in the database information.

8.) It’s all set. just need to type in your blog title and email.

9.) use the username and password to login your wordpress. ( Remember the login name and password, password can be reset after you login,)


If you still don’t know what am I talking about, then go find a web hosting company that have auto install function or just go to and register a free blog.